Introduce Your Friends To Sky

Who doesn’t love a good reward? Especially if it involves being rewarded for something that the individual needs and utilises on a daily basis! And that is exactly what Sky is offering all of their existing customers who simply refer their friends to Sky by way of their super convenient and easy to follow “Introduce Your Friends to Sky” incentive!

The best part of this programme is that it truly is easy to introduce your friends to Sky, get them to sign up and then have the both of you take advantage of the awesome rewards! To get started, all you have to do is simply log on to the Sky website and sign in using your MySky ID and password. If you for some reason, you do not presently have a Sky ID just follow the instructions on screen to set your account up. Next, all you must do is enter in your friend’s name and their email address and an invitation will instantly be sent to them for them to join Sky TV.  And once your friend has joined, Sky will email you to let you know that you can then claim your reward. Best of all, you can introduce up to five friends on one invitation, and each of them will see that the request on the invitation is in fact from you!

In order for your friend to sign up, they will need to choose Sky TV in order for you to claim a reward. They can even subscribe to Sky TV with the Original Bundle from a super affordable monthly rate! When your friend is ready to sign up, they will need to enter in the unique reference number that Sky sent with your invitation, and your reward will be posted to you as soon as your friend’s Sky TV subscription is up and running. When your friend’s Sky TV subscription is up and running, you will receive an email from Sky and they send out that email just as soon as your friend makes their first subscription payment. You can even go to the “Track & Redeem” category, which will allow you to see when they joined and what the status is of your reward. If for any reason you do not receive that email within 45 days of your friend signing up, simply contact Sky to let them know.

If for any reason your friend does not have an email address, they can in turn use yours. But, it must be noted that they must live at a different address to you. And if you and your friend are planning on utilising the same computer and website, the website will presume that you are the same person. Be sure that you log-out and clear your cache or browser history before your friend tries to subscribe to their new Sky service, contact the Sky customer service for more details.

If for any reason you or your friend have any questions or concerns, be sure to reach out to a helpful Sky customer service representative. They can easily guide and direct your all of your enquiries or concerns to ensure that your needs are met and resolved in a timely and efficient manner.